National Women Physician Day

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Medicine has been historically dominated by men. Women especially physicians in these professions face challenges and roadblocks that make their entry into these noble professions more and more difficult. A study shows that patients cared for by women physicians have better health outcomes. Also, the patient readmittance and mortality rates went significantly lower within the same hospital.
Thank your physician
If you see a female doctor, thank her for her work. Make sure she knows you appreciate the time and care she provides. Post to social media – Get on Twitter or Facebook and share stories and/or the history of women doctors. Use #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay or #WomenPhysiciansDay. They are the ones who are managing homes and your health parallelly.

Since 2018, February 3 is being celebrated as National Women Physicians Day. The day celebrates Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday; Blackwell was the first female medical doctor in the U.S. This is the time to honor women physicians across the country, and the development they’ve made since Blackwell’s time. On a country level, there are still fewer female doctors than male doctors. In 2017, for the first time in history, women made up more than half of all those in medical schools.

Dr. Parkar is our woman physician who cares for patients of all ages but especially enjoys treating chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid illness, psychiatric illness. She places special emphasis on preventive health and treats various gynecological disorders in females. She also cares for urgent care patients. Originally from India, Dr. Parkar grew up in the Middle East and is fluent in English, Hindi, and Urdu. Her faith and diverse background have helped her appreciate cultural sensitivity and to provide compassionate care for all patients. Her Family Practice specialty has helped her achieve a perfect balance with her professional and personal life. She is married and has 2 young children.

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