Zille Huma Farooqi

Licensed Laser Hair Removal Professional & Medical Esthetician & Micro needling Specialist

Certified in Phlebotomy & PRP for face and hair Restoration.

Huma is the founder and CEO of the Revital Laser & Skin. She is a certified medical grade skin care specialist focusing on problematic skin conditions and anti-aging treatments.

Dual license in Texas and New York.

She has a vast knowledge of skincare, laser hair removal and is a certified Laser Safety officer. She is certified in Professional Skin Biology and chemical peel. Huma is a graduate from the Continental School of Skincare in New York and she has experience in Aesthetic for over 11 years. She has assisted a dermatologist in his practices, and holds extensive knowledge about the skin care regime.

She loves working in the skincare business with the public and seeks to make her clients feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Zille Huma Farooqi


Health Grades 86%
Google Plus 91%
Yelp 89%
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